Heritage Farm aims to create a sustainable, community based food system by growing and providing fresh produce and offering hands-on education and life skills to the families we serve. We believe investing in the soil is an ultimate investment in our families and community.

Methodist Services

Methodist Services in Philadelphia was founded in 1879 as Methodist Episcopal Orphanage by women of faith to care for orphaned children. Today, 137 years later, the orphanage has long been closed but our campus buildings are still being used for various community outreach and activities.


On October 6, 2016 , Methodist Services Heritage Farm hosted the 4th Annual Heritage Farm Fare as a celebration of our seasonal bounty. This year we raised $55,000. All proceeds support Heritage Farm and Methodist Services.

4300 Monument Road, Phila. PA 19131-1690 (215) 877-1925 heritagefarm@methodistservices.org Learn More